Healthcare. In your heart, You know it’s right

♥ HealthCare – In your heart you know it’s right.♥

Rally for ACA was held on Saturday outside Congressman Costellos’ office.   West Chester 11Feb17.

Organizers have announced a Town Hall.   Phoenixville High School 25Feb17, 3-5PM.  Congressman Costello has been invited; but has not yet committed to address these constituents.

West Chester Saturday Rally #4- ACA, crowd
West Chester ACA Rally Signs 11Feb17
West Chester Saturday Rally #4 ACA Signs 11Feb17
West Chester Saturday Rally#4, 11Feb17, ACA in USA


Saturday: Pre-existing and I Vote.

The Women’s March was the largest worldwide demonstration in history.   West Chester PA also rallied on that first Saturday.

This Saturday we rally again.  1-2PM, Congressman Ryan Costello’s office, 21 West Market, WestChester.  Details about 4th rally.

Congressman Costello was present at that first rally.   At that time he claimed that of 20 million “not covered by employers, Medicare or Medicaid,  only 250,000 have pre-existing conditions”.   Perhaps he will reveal more hard-to-believe facts supporting his position.

Let US Congressman Ryan Costello know we care about healthcare.

URGENT:   The Session for AG vote is tonight, 08Feb17.   Maybe our Congressman Costello has an open line to Senator Toomey?

Ruby Bridges Goes To School

“She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless She Persisted.”


Solidarity at Noon

West Chester 21Jan17 Noon.   Rally called by Chester County Democratic Committee to show solidarity in the face of the GOP carnage to come.


An estimated 200 citizens assembled at steps of courthouse for about an hour.  As at any gathering of Democrats the people were diverse, colorful, and stoically cheerful.

Drive by supporters honked hundreds of times.  Smiles and thumbs up were even more frequent.   Of course a few registered their opposition.  Revving engines must be a thing.  At least one sputtered a string of the usual unimaginative 4-letter expletives.

One sign that many agreed with was, “Make America Think Again”.

Congressman Ryan Costello __________

Congressman Ryan Costello quietly slid through the crowd; and back again.   He is over 6 foot tall!  A few folks button-holed him.  I was un-successful in getting him to address the assembly.

I was excited to meet my Congressman.  I was un-prepared.  What followed was initially a failure to communicate.

I asked if he disagreed with the crowd here?   He disagrees with “Trump’s style”.  Huh?  (It’s much more his substance over style).

He asked about my major concern – War I said.  Him too.  South China Sea, Jerusalem,.., Estonia.  He pointedly asked a few times about Estonia.   I mentioned that sanctions lifted would be a green light.  (I should have said: Putin wants his countries back).

He mentioned accountability.  I held that Congress was accountable to constituents.   He responded that “Congress’s job was to hold Executive accountable”.  I suggested Congress’s role is more than policing the president.   At this point Rep Costello said I was argumentative and walked away.


A woman approached him. I overheard Rep. Costello respond about healthcare repeal. “Don’t worry 2-to-3 years out”. “Efficient delivery”, “high risk pools”, “Pre-existing condition was the most” salient.  No details since plans lack “specificity”.

Another bite at the apple…

I asked Rep Costello, “specifically”, will those relegated to high risk pools have higher premiums?  There will be a “government backstop”.  He went on: Do I know what the risk pools are? “of those not covered by employer, Medicare, or Medicaid, there are only 250,000 people with pre-existing conditions”. Out of ~20million people on ACA only 1 in 80 have a pre-existing condition??

Rep Costello again told me I was argumentative and didn’t know what I was talking about.

I wish my camera had a good battery.  I hope more and more will come out to show solidarity.




Solidarity Day One

Dear local Democrats, progressives, and others interested:

As an untraditional politician, Mr. Trump does not even bother with the usual hypocrisies. He doesn’t try to sound conciliatory, or make the many Americans on his personal hit list feel even a tad better about his nefarious plans, or reassure foreign countries that he knows what he is doing in his new job.

So, dispensing with the usual hypocrisies ourselves, and abandoning the sort of hope for reasonableness we may have had in 2001 at the beginning of the Bush administration, I think we can feel free to say without hesitation that we don’t like what we see right now on day 1.

Many of you may be protesting in the nation’s capital tomorrow Saturday, or other locations like Philadelphia or Wilmington.

Or if you aren’t going that far, please be aware of this local opportunity to show solidarity with the Women’s March:

Saturday Jan. 21, noon in front of the court house at High and Market Sts., 2 N. High St., West Chester: a gathering in solidarity with Women’s March in Washington. Bring signs or pussy hats. No program, just be there.

There’s a lot to be done. Let’s be there, wherever there is: rallying, social media, writing letters to editors, pressing legislators, talking to neighbors, being or supporting future candidates for office….

Best wishes to all,

Nathaniel Smith – Chester County Democratic Committee

2017 Local Elections

We have an important local election in November, 2017. This is our opportunity to elect Democrats to many local offices.

The following offices will be up for election:

County Offices:
Common Pleas Court – 2 seats
County Row Offices:
Treasurer, Controller, Clerk of Courts
and Coroner

Spring City District Judge 1 seat

School Boards: 4 year term
PASB – 4 seats
Springford – 2 seats, 1 is incumbent
Joe Ciresi (DEM)

Spring City Council – 3 seats 4 yr term

Schuylkill Twp – 2 seats 6 yr term

Auditor: 6 year term
Schuylkill 1 seat
East Pikeland – 1 seat, incumbent
Marjorie Bloen (DEM)
Spring City – 1 seat incumbent
Patricia Winner (DEM)

Tax Collector:
Schuylkill – 1
Spring City 1

Recount Signatures Needed

Presidential Recount – Your Help Needed
We are in urgent need of three electors (voters) from each precinct in Chester County to sign an affidavit in front of a notary to effect a recount for the presidential election results from November 8.
Zone Leaders and Assistant Zone Leaders:
Please (quickly) collect the names of at least three electors from each precinct in your zone who would be willing to take an hour on Saturday or Sunday to go to a designated location to sign an affidavit for the recount.  This will require some effort for precincts that have no committeepeople. They have to be available one day this weekend.  Please collect elector name, precinct name/#, email and phone contact info so that we can reach everyone with instructions. We are working on the locations and should have several set up by Saturday morning.
If you know of a notary who will be available this weekend, please forward any names to Lani or Lisa (contact numbers below). We will also need several volunteers to help with the process.
Committee people:
Please work with your zone leader and/or assistant zone leader to provide elector names (they can be you and spouse/ significant other/ family/ friends who voted in your precinct.)
These affidavits will all have to be completed by Monday morning to take to Harrisburg.
If you have questions, please contact Lisa Longo at 215-527-9705 or Lani Frank at 610-505-9115.
Thank you!
David Rhoads
Secretary, CCDC

This email sent to the CCDC Executive Committee, Zone and Assistant Zone Leaders and Committee People.
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Chester County Blues

From Nathaniel Smith []
Dear local Democrats, progressives, and others interested:
Well, you could say: the less said about this election the better. But we can always learn. And it wasn’t all bad: Andy Dinniman, always appreciated by voters as PA Senator (district 19) and before that as County Commissioner, won once again, this time with 56% of the vote.Hillary Clinton carried Chester County 52% to 43%, with a very large margin of 25,000 votes over her R. competitor (president Obama won Chesco by 23,000 votes in 2008, 54% to 45%, and in 201 he lost by 500, or by .2%).
Joe Torsella for PA Treasurer carried the County 48% to 46% (Green and Libertarian candidates had an influence in some of these races).Josh Shapiro essentially tied (losing the County by 50 votes) for Attorney General. Eugene DePasquale, incumbent PA Auditor, lost the County by 10,000 votes and I have no idea why he did less well here than the other 2 statewide candidates. Anyhow, all 3 of them won statewide and that is very important to help Gov. Wolf balance the R-dominated PA General Assembly.
And finally: Carolyn Comitta for PA House 156 is too close to call! When anyone tells you, next time, that their vote doesn’t matter, tell them about this one. Recounting and scrutinizing ballots has been going on since the election. Shades of the same seat in 2006!

Reid- Tells it Like it is

Reid Statement on the Election of Donald Trump

Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement about the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States: “I have personally been on the ballot in Nevada for 26 elections and I have never seen anything like the reaction to the election completed last Tuesday. The election of Donald Trump has emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry in America.

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MegaVote 26Sep16

In this MegaVote for Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District:

Recent Congressional Votes

  • Senate: Fiscal 2017 Legislative Branch Appropriations – Cloture on Motion to Proceed
  • Senate: Prohibit Sales of Military Equipment to Saudi Arabia – Motion to Table
  • House: Legal Challenges to Federal Rules
  • House: Identify Assets of Top Iranians
  • House: Defer Taxing Stock Options for Startups
  • House: Bar Ransom Payments for Hostages

Upcoming Congressional Bills

  • Senate: Fiscal 2017 Legislative Branch Appropriations
  • Senate: Veto Override of Lawsuits by U.S. Victims of International Terrorism
  • House: Water Resources Development
  • House: Fiscal 2017 Legislative Branch Appropriations

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