Texas Gun laws, good for PA?

The NRA zeroes in on its top priority for 2015: Passing a bill in the US Congress that would force Pennsylvania to accept any other state’s gun-huggers, their guns, and their gun laws!  Reciprocity. Read S498 Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2015.

Call PaSen. Casey now and tell him you don’t want the gun lobby’s TxSen. Cornyn to impose weak safety standards on Pennsylvania:

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NRA targets Lower Merion

Act 192,  2013-14 HB80, the Pennsylvania law that allows organizations to sue municipalities that gun violence prevention laws that are more restrictive than the state laws, thus removing local control of the safety of communities.
Locally, Lower Merion, is standing up to a lawsuit initiated by the NRA in reaction to the township ordinance that makes carrying a gun or concealed gun in a township park illegal. The residents of Lower Merion are overwhelmingly in favor of this ordinance but the NRA is initiating and financing a lawsuit to have the law revoked. Should Lower Merion lose the lawsuit, the township would be required to pay the legal fees for both the defense and prosecution.
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