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2020 PRIMARY ELECTION – 5 Additional Mail-In Ballot Drop Off Boxes

2020 PRIMARY ELECTION – 5 Additional Mail-In Ballot Drop Off Boxes

June 2, 2020 Primary Election information.



8 am to 6 pm In Chadds Ford & Coatesville
11 am to 7 pm In Malvern, Phoenixville & Pottstown

Chester County Board of Elections has added five (5) additional mail-in/absentee ballot drop off locations to be available Monday, June 1, and Tuesday, June 2. These are in addition to the drop off location at the Government Services Center, 601 Westtown Rd. in West Chester, which is available 24 hours a day through 8pm on June 2. The new drop off boxes will be available Monday, June 1, and Tuesday, June 2, at the following locations and hours:

  • Chester County Public Safety Training Campus, 137 Modena Road, Coatesville, PA – Hours: 8am-6pm
  • Kimberton Fair Grounds, 762 Pike Springs Road, Phoenixville, PA – Hours: 11am-7pm
  • Longwood Gardens South Parking Lot, 1010 East Baltimore Pike, Chadds Ford, PA – Hours: 8am-6pm
  • Warwick County Park, 191 County Park Road, Pottstown, PA – Hours: 11am-7pm
  • Battle of the Clouds Park, 125 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA – Hours: 11am-7pm

The drop off boxes will have tamper proof seals over every lock and access point, will be deployed and secured by
County staff and be continuously staffed by at least one County employee stationed at each drop box for the entire time
designated. The designated County employee is responsible to:

  • ensure that each person depositing a ballot will only deposit one ballot;
  • ensure no one attempts to move, tamper with, remove, or retrieve the box or ballots in the box; and
  •  ensure the security and safety of the location and that the boxes are under their constant control and supervision.

At the end of each day for the designated times, the drop off boxes will be returned to the secure location in GSC using
procedures to assure chain of custody. The process will be repeated on June 2, 2020 with clear enforcement directives
that no ballots will be deposited after the hours designated and all secure ballot boxes are delivered, secured and in the
custody of Voter Services no later than 8 p.m. of the Primary Election.

Chester County is taking this step to assist voters in meeting the ballot deadline of 8pm in the office of Voter Services
for the Primary Election in light of the reduction in polling locations and the significant amount of mail-in ballot
voting already verified and further anticipated.

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