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A message from Charlotte Valyo

A message from Charlotte Valyo, Zone Leader – Northern Chester County Democratic Committee and Chair of the Zone Leader Caucus:

“Although it was most likely always in the back of our minds, did we ever really believe President Trump and his family would be the proof that masks do work and his contentions that Covid is nothing – affects almost no one – were not the truth? Will this convince people to wear masks and Governors to reconsider reopening despite troubling infection rates? Certainly it gives irrefutable proof that wearing masks is essential and even daily testing is not a defense. While privately knowing the science since January and the high risk to his citizens, Trump deliberately failed us. He publicly flaunted his no mask policies for political gain. Particularly where Republican Governors followed him, Trump and those governors endangered millions and innocent people died, while Trump continued to denigrate the medical leaders in his own administration and ordered our children back to schools.

Now we wonder about the truth of Trump’s condition coming from the White House. Our faith in the integrity of our government has been eroded.

The President, his family and those within the White House and our Federal Government who have been exposed and/or infected will receive the best possible testing and care. This is what we want for all Americans, regardless of employment status or race. Let us hope this leads to meaningful healthcare reform.

Science, truth, social responsibility, acting for the common good – all the values we stand for are now at the forefront of this election. As the covid numbers are rising in our country again, may the President’s example finally bring a new Public Health dawning. May the new House relief bill pass the Senate today to help ordinary citizens get the protections and relief they desperately need.

One thing is brilliantly clear: we need Joe Biden and science to return to our White House. We need a new dawning at every level of government.

Please keep yourself and your family safe as we move toward the finish line.”

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