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Big men on campus

Say you work at a school, and someone walks in with a gun at their side. Can you tell the difference between a “good guy” with a gun, and a “bad guy” with a gun?

One school district in Michigan tried. What they came up with is this proposed flow chart.

The best outcome? Waiting for a police officer to come to school and see if the person’s open carry license is legal.

The worst outcome? “Take evasive action until law enforcement arrives.”

We have a better idea: don’t let just anyone have guns in schools. Sign the petition to say the public shouldn’t have guns in schools or on college campuses.
Enable images to see the real flowchart from a school dealing with a gun

This chart is real, as unbelievable as it seems. Just as real, unfortunately, is that the gun lobby and their lawmakers actually want to have more guns in schools. There’s a nationwide push to arm teachers and to allow the public to have guns on public college campuses — neither of which will make schools or communities safer.

Add your name to our petition saying you don’t want just anyone to carry guns in schools.

Thanks for helping our fight to reduce gun violence.

Peter Ambler
Co-Founder, Americans for Responsible Solutions

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