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Find your Democrat

Type in your address to Find your Dem. Pa State and US Congressional boundaries are so fluid it is hard to know who your representatives are.   The above links you to your democratic candidate. "Whenever the people are well-informed, they…

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Washington Give and Take

Congress is back in GOP hands.  See how they vote.

1. Relax Pollution Controls
Takers: Oil and Gas,  Power plant operators.
Givers: Everybody downwind

2. Unleash banks on those unable to repay.
Allow auto dealers to gouge on loans.
Turn the GAO on the Fed.
Takers: Bankers who want higher rates.
Givers: Folks with auto, home, and small business loans.

3. Refugee Pile on.
Takers: Politicians and Media that feed off Fear.
Givers: America’s reputation of Strength and Compassion.

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Your vote matters: Bell for Chester County Sheriff

Municipal elections affect our lives every day.

James Bell received his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, and also was a member of the Graduation Class 113 at the FBI National Academy. He spent 8 years in the US Air Force and 38 years in various police departments, beginning in West Chester PA. After retiring from the West Chester police, he served at Valley Township and was Director of Public Safety at Cheyney University; in 2012 he spent 5 months as interim Chief of Police in Coatesville. Presently Mr Bell is a substitute teacher.

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Happy days are here again

An amazing few days. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” - Martin Luther King Jr. It gets better. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.-Dr. Seuss Change will not come if…

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Casey Explains: GOP Serves Wall Street

Sen Casey's email explains how GOP congress services Wall  Street. After the 2008 crunch, a democratic congress required banks to gamble with their own money, not funds backed up by government bailouts.   No more would Wall Street scoop up the profits, while…

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PA Sen Casey Against Fast Tracking Jobs Overseas

PA Senator Casey continues to resist fast tracking jobs overseas.

 “Trade Promotion Authority legislation will pave the way for another NAFTA-style deal that costs jobs and hurts Pennsylvania’s economy. Over and over again we’ve been told that trade deals will create jobs and better protect workers and the environment. Those promises have never come to fruition.  Now some in the Senate are ready to dive into another mistaken trade deal. When it comes to debating economic policies we ought to consider whether they will grow middle class wages, create new jobs and bolster our manufacturing sector. Trade Promotion Authority legislation does none of these things.”     Sen Bob Casey

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VA vetoes vulnerable voting

Vulnerable Voting Machine Raises Questions About Election Security NPR 16Apr15 Pam Fessler

Virginia State Board of Elections bans AVS WinVote touchscreen voting machines effective immediately.   Although there is no evidence of vote tampering, the machine’s wireless connections were too easily breached.    The ban leaves 20% of Virginia precincts scrambling to replace voting equipment for the upcoming primaries in June09.

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GOP to Sweep PA Court?

Three openings on PA Supreme Court. Odd year election favors GOP. Citizens United money favors GOP. Judges are a target for GOP. The PA Supreme Court rules on: voter id, guns, school funding, re-districting. In PA we elect our judges.…

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Polling Place Not Handicap Accessible

PA Guidelines for Voter Accessibility define requirements for polling places to be considered accessible. Schuylkill 1 at Cat Pickering the school house door has only a single step, yet it has created difficulties for several voters for several years. In some…

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Hello world!

The Northern Chester County Democratic Committee (NCCDC), drawn from Schuylkill, East Pikeland, and Spring City,  opens a website.  

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