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MegaVote 26Sep16

In this MegaVote for Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District:

Recent Congressional Votes

  • Senate: Fiscal 2017 Legislative Branch Appropriations – Cloture on Motion to Proceed
  • Senate: Prohibit Sales of Military Equipment to Saudi Arabia – Motion to Table
  • House: Legal Challenges to Federal Rules
  • House: Identify Assets of Top Iranians
  • House: Defer Taxing Stock Options for Startups
  • House: Bar Ransom Payments for Hostages

Upcoming Congressional Bills

  • Senate: Fiscal 2017 Legislative Branch Appropriations
  • Senate: Veto Override of Lawsuits by U.S. Victims of International Terrorism
  • House: Water Resources Development
  • House: Fiscal 2017 Legislative Branch Appropriations

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Register by 11 October

Deadline Alert: 10/11/2016 is the last day to register before the 11/08/2016 election. Your registration is not complete until processed and accepted by your county voter registration office. To vote in the next election, you must complete your application by…

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Nomination Watch Party

History in the Making Join Fellow Local Dems to Witness History as Hillary Clinton Accepts the Democratic Nomination for President Stronger Together When: Thursday, July 28th, 7:30 PM Where: Valyo's, Phoenixville, PA Please contact: for location and Bring a Snack…

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Mike Parrish calls for Leadership on Gun Violence

In June 20th Op/Ed in The Times of Chester County Mike Parrish called for courage, leadership and action on gun violence.

By Mike Parrish, Candidate, U.S. Representative, 6th District

Mike Parrish

I am a gun owner and proud supporter of our Second Amendment. As an Army veteran who served in Desert Storm, I have extensive training on how to responsibly use, care for, and safely store firearms. I have also seen first hand the damage that guns can do.

In the aftermath of the shocking Orlando shooting by a radical domestic terrorist, the political discourse has been sadly predictable. I believe we are well past the time for thoughts and prayers or moments of silence offered by elected representatives who refuse to take action on the gun crisis because they are hostages to the NRA. Their actions, or lack thereof, are not leadership.

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GOP Congress Votes 07Dec15

GOP Congress approves of roads.  Thanks!  Trains are OK too.  Trade with foreigners gets some grea$e,  and a little something to drag in agri-votes.

Toomey’s healthy and very very wealthy,  sees no need for Obamacare or Planned Parenthood.

Costello swerves out of GOP lane to avoid this week’s CO2 sinkhole.

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Washington Give and Take

Congress is back in GOP hands.  See how they vote.

1. Relax Pollution Controls
Takers: Oil and Gas,  Power plant operators.
Givers: Everybody downwind

2. Unleash banks on those unable to repay.
Allow auto dealers to gouge on loans.
Turn the GAO on the Fed.
Takers: Bankers who want higher rates.
Givers: Folks with auto, home, and small business loans.

3. Refugee Pile on.
Takers: Politicians and Media that feed off Fear.
Givers: America’s reputation of Strength and Compassion.

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Election Nov2015

About 1/4 of voters decide.  (Source= ChesCoVoter Serv)  Turnout%_______________Cast/Registered = % Chester County  86,958 / 325,158 = 26.74% EastPikeland 1            550 /       2005 = 27.43% EastPikeland 2            388 /       1527 =…

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2015 Primary Chester County Results

2015 Primary in Chester County. Low turnout. 
Of total registered voters, 12,21%  cast a ballot.
Total:                 12.21%
Republicans: 16.87%
Democrats:   12.49%
NoParty:           8.29%

To all that voted, ran for office, or operated the polls.

Thank you from NCCDC.

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Please Vote this Tuesday

PA Primary 19May15 Registered voters select their party's candidates.  Polls are open: 7AM-8PM.  Find your polling place here.  Chester County On primary day your ballot will be either Democratic, Republican, or NoParty.   A primary election allows the major parties…

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Consistently Toomey

Joe Sestak’s email is right to point out inconsistencies between what Pat Toomey(R-PA) says in Pennsylvania; and what he does in Washington.   Also troubling are the consistencies evident in Sen Toomey’s recent weekly newsletter (see below fold).

From Toomey: Preventing A Nuclear Armed Iran

Toomey  says “Congress has a constitutional obligation in matters of war, peace, and national security,”   Yet the GOP congress has neglected any obligation to vote on the ongoing wars.

Toomey states that the Iran negotiations are  “one of the most sensitive and vital issues facing America’s national security”.   So sensitive the 47 GOP senators chose to insert themselves into the negotiations.

1. Consistently trying to undermine the President.

2. Consistently favoring a military solution over compromise.

From Toomey: Working For Veterans

Toomeys solution to the VA backlog is not more funding; but ” swift action against those VA workers”

3. Consistently starves agencies then complains government is the problem.

4. Consistently seeks to ‘take action against workers’, especially government  workers.

From Toomey’s:  Protecting Seniors And Improving Medicare

Toomey says:   “bipartisan structural reforms, such as asking some wealthier seniors to pay a bit more, in order to improve Medicare’s long-term financial solvency”

5.Consistently seeks cover from DEMs when cutting Social Security.

6. Consistently spreads fear, uncertainty, and doubt about Social Security.   Social Security, Medicare, and ObamaCare are Democratic initiatives, consistently resisted  by the GOP.

From Toomey’s:  Supporting Small Businesses and Economic Growth

“delivered to the homes of children by volunteers six nights a week. Not only is this program vital to the health of 120 children, it is also incredibly efficient. They produce each meal at a cost of $2.20, far below the federal rate of $3.25 for children’s meals.

7.  Consistently regards the poor as somebody else’s problem.  The GOP’s role is limited to being cheerleaders for benevolent voluntary ‘points of light’.

8.  Consistently glosses over what everyday Americans see everyday.  Instead they focus on estate taxes, upper bracket tax rate, and Wall Street’s latest wish list.   Saving  $1.05 per kid.

Please note these same consistencies are evident in our congressman’s newsletter.

You get the government you vote for.

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