Chili Cook-Off – Meet the Candidates 2019

Please use the options below to choose the ticket package that’s best for you! We are offering sponsorship opportunities for this event. If you have questions regarding sponsorship, please review this Sponsor Sheet and contact Charlotte Valyo. We look forward to seeing you for some good times and good chili!

Sponsorship Opportunities


1 Chili Pepper: $125 – 2 tickets

  • name on digital ad

2 Chili Peppers: $250 – 4 tickets 

  • name with logo on digital ad
  • name with logo on dessert or food table

3 Chili Peppers: $500 – 6 tickets

  •  name with business logo on digital ad
  • name with logo displayed at bar

Event Tickets

You will be asked for your billing address so that we can collect a guest list for the event. Payment will be processed as a credit transaction (debit cards accepted). Donations are not tax deductible.