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Hired Guns back in Town

PA GOP to unleash gun lawyers in your town.

GOP bill HB 2258 grants ‘special standing’ to gun lawyers from anywhere to assault your local government.

Guns maybe fine in western PA, but here in Chester County we can choose for ourselves.

From CeaseFirePA

By now, you may know that HB 2258, the special standing/punitive preemption bill (or Act 192 reboot), passed out of the House Judiciary Committee. The House could vote on this bill as early as next week, and the Senate also has a version pending (SB 1330). Despite all we know about how bad Act 192 was — leading to lawsuits against Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Lancaster and Lower Merion Township, and threats against hundreds of other towns across PA — they’re trying to bring it back.

Why? Who does this law benefit? Not the towns and cities that have faced lawsuits. Not the taxpayers who had to pay to defend those lawsuits. Not the township residents who saw good safety measures repealed out of fear of lawsuits. Only one small group benefits — lawyers who represent the gun groups who sue our cities. This law, simply put, is a gift for the gun lobby and their lawyers.

Let your friends and neighbors know that we don’t want or need this reboot of Act 192. Please write a letter to the editor of your paper today. No more gifts for the greedy gun lobby and their lawyers.

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