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PA Sen Casey Against Fast Tracking Jobs Overseas

PA Senator Casey continues to resist fast tracking jobs overseas.

 “Trade Promotion Authority legislation will pave the way for another NAFTA-style deal that costs jobs and hurts Pennsylvania’s economy. Over and over again we’ve been told that trade deals will create jobs and better protect workers and the environment. Those promises have never come to fruition.  Now some in the Senate are ready to dive into another mistaken trade deal. When it comes to debating economic policies we ought to consider whether they will grow middle class wages, create new jobs and bolster our manufacturing sector. Trade Promotion Authority legislation does none of these things.”     Sen Bob Casey

Obama has not shown that negotiations are his strength.

GOP likes the deal as is.

Job losses are expected.  Sen. Wyden, D-Ore, and Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, proposed funding for displaced workers.   Wyden added a provision to grant tax credits for 72% of displaced workers health insurance.

ManufacturingNews 17Apr15  Laurie Kellman, Associated Press Writer.

PA-Sen: Bob Casey (D) Fights Back Against Fast Tracking The TPP

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