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Please Vote this Tuesday

PA Primary 19May15

Registered voters select their party’s candidates.  Polls are open: 7AM-8PM.  Find your polling place here.  Chester County

On primary day your ballot will be either Democratic, Republican, or NoParty.   A primary election allows the major parties to select their candidates for the general election in November.

Judges– There are several candidates for each judicial opening.  Due to unusual departures, there are several openings in the PA Supreme Court.   Tuesday’s primary is a chance for a small dedicated subset of voters to define the tone of the PA Supreme Court for years to come.  PA Supreme Court justices serve 10 ten year terms.

Important judicial positions will be decided in the fall and it is important for us to have the right candidates running. Pennsylvania Courts will be deciding important issues such as: voter id laws, redistricting, women’s issues, gun violence prevention.

School Board.  Candidates cross-file with both parties to ensure they collect straight party line votes come general election day.  As a result the primary really determines the eventual winners.  On Tuesday, for PASD, there are 8 candidates running for 5 slots.

Endorsed by this committee(NCCDC) and Phoenixville Democratic Committee:
Lisa Longo, Ken Butera, and Irfan Khan.

As a registered Democrat, please select the candidates that truly represent you.

Chester County Sample Ballots_____________________________

East Pikeland
Spring City

East Pikeland
Spring City

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

The polls are open 7AM to 8PM.  Off year primaries see very light turnout, very.   Expect your wait to be near zero, and your vote to count much much more.  Bring a friend or maybe someone who needs a ride.

Come on out.  Show you support the process, our poll workers efforts, the candidates, and your fellow citizens.

Thank you

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