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Union over Succession

2 Americas: Those Up and Away, succeeding from the Down and Out.

TedTalk – Anand Giridharadas

The differences are not just skin-deep Blue .v. Red; but hearts and minds, full of Hope versus hardened by Fear. Not solved by the old thin arguments over New Taxes or Tax Cuts; but by the even older notion of community.

Choose Union over Succession.

Anand Giridharadas

“And don’t console yourself that you are the 99 percent. If you live near a Whole Foods, if no one in your family serves in the military, if you’re paid by the year, not the hour, if most people you know finished college, if no one you know uses meth, if you married once and remain married, if you’re not one of 65 million Americans with a criminal record — if any or all of these things describe you, then accept the possibility that actually, you may not know what’s going on and you may be part of the problem.”

“Other generations had to build a fresh society after slavery, pull through a depression, defeat fascism, freedom-ride in Mississippi. The moral challenge of my generation, I believe, is to reacquaint these two Americas, to choose union over secession once again. This isn’t a problem we can tax or tax-cut away. It won’t be solved by tweeting harder, building slicker apps, or starting one more artisanal coffee roasting service.”

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