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Wear Orange June 2nd.

Stand Out.  Hunters wear Orange to avoid getting shot.  Wear Orange on June 2nd to show we are not alone in seeking a return to balanced common sense gun responsibility.

EveryTown video

The 2nd Amendment is not a suicide pact and is not even first.  It’s second to speech, press, religion, petition, and assembly. The first Americans built their state around each other – a nation of equals pursuing their interests in the public square.  Exchanging views, not blows.  Equality came from ideas, your effort, a state carefully and regularly balanced, not the barrel of a gun.

Access to deadly force should be respected; not sold as ‘everyman’s a king’, the great equalizer, the ultimate solution to conflict.  Great freedom must be balanced with equal restraint.

We’ve all seen a peddler’s wares: sugar, oil, tobacco, sharp tools, shiny stones, eye candy to animal skins. They skillfully prey upon our vanities and insecurities; but none of them wrap themselves in our Constitution like gun pushers.

The advancing power of personal weaponry has tipped the balance between self-protection and predators.  Lone wolves feasted at the Aurora Theater, Sandy Hill Elementary, the Texas Tower, etc.  This Everytown group suffered the loss a beautiful beloved child to a bullet flung by some random stranger.   How many children, police, and sad souls have been erased by the mere twitch of a finger?

Carrying a gun is not freedom, and it’s not free.

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